5 Domains is a CEO Mentoring Program for Small Innovative Businesses

 Designed to turn a “Job Business” into an “Asset Business”

And along the way – Double Sales & Improve your Profits

5 domains

Common sense will tell you that making a change in just one area of your business is not a good move.  Introducing a new product without training your people, or changing your marketing without reviewing costs is all too often a recipe for disaster.

We run projects in clusters across the 5 domains of your business to create a balanced growth program.

5 Domains


4 Phases

Projects are undertaken across 4 phases to grow the business appropriately.


2 Modes – Advisors and Practitioners

Our experienced staff are Advisors and Practitioners.

We will diagnose issues and advise you on recommended solutions,

either undertaking the work ourselves or

making recommendations to our family of service providers.

2 Modes

1 Model

We run fortnightly meetings with our recommend agenda. (Onsite or Offsite).
We deploy practical diagnostic tools to aid decision making.
We recommend proven solutions for implementation.

One Model for Delivery


About Us

5 domains is a program developed by Flinders Pacific and Polygon Partners, to address the growth needs of small to medium innovative companies.  It has been designed through decades of hands on experience solving the real problems that small innovative businesses face when trying to grow.

Flinders Pacific can be contacted at:

Finders Pacific Pty Ltd

Level 5 North Building

333 Collins Street

Melbourne VIC 3000


+61 3 9014 9600



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